Hire Rates from 1st April 2018

Hire Charge Rates


Hourly Charge Rate
Daily - Mon to Sun

Hourly Charge Rate

Sat / Sun


Main Hall £15.00 £22.50
Sports Hall £13.50 20.25
Primary Room £8.50 12.75
Wesleyan Room £8.50 £12.75

Room Sizes:

Main Hall 13m x 7.5m
Sports Hall 11m x 17.3m
Primary Room 10.7m x 5.4m
Wesleyan Room 13m x 3.6m

Miscellaneous Costs

Other Fees Costs
Use of Crockery and Cutlery £21.00 per event
Use of kitchen facilities FOC
Charity Rate Price on Request


Community Centre Booking Form (for bookings upto 31st March 2018)

Community Centre Booking Form (for bookings from 1st April 2018)


Key holder for Sileby Community Centre

Selina Bush 07961539492 (for keys only) - all bookings - contact Parish Council Office 01509 813075