We publish various categories of information for you to download and reuse in line with the conditions laid out in the Open Government Licence. Details about this license, which contain implications for users of our data, and other background information can be found in the Open Data section of the Help page.

Some of this data is available in pdf format, if you cannot read this format follow this link to download Adobe reader which is free to use.

Expenditure Payments

Payments to suppliers

Follow this link for access to spreadsheets of information(in pdf file format). These are published monthly and sorted by financial year.

Land and Buildings Owned by Sileby Parish Council

Land & Buildings owned by Sileby Parish Council

Staff structure

Staff structure outline

This document charts our staff structure.

Councillor allowances and expenses

These are the allowance and expense payments:

Councillor allowances and expenses

Council Contracts


These are no grants at the present time paid to the voluntary community and social enterprise sector:

Democratic running

Follow these links for information about the democratic running of the local council including election results, committee minutes, decision-making processes and records of decisions.

Democratic running

Register of Interests

Register of Interests

Data protection

Where we handle personal information about individuals we have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act 1998. We are registered as a data handler with the Information Commissioner's Office. (Registration number Z8912120). All queries should be directed to the Clerk to the Council.


Notice for Annual Return 2017/18 & Annual Return

Internal Auditor's Report 2017/18

Notice for Annual Return - June 2017 - 2016/17

Annual Return - 2016/17

Notice of Conclusion of Audit - 2016/17